Open letter to us…

With entry into this new decade, we must liberate our youth. Liberate them from mental barriers programmed to block independent consciousness. Liberate them from physical cages. That bullshit constitution argues for no cruel or unusual punishment. Getting gunned down in the street is fucked up, who gives a shit about what those slave owning imperialist had to say. A mother cries as her child’s once vibrant energy leaves his body, blood flowing down cold concrete. And even if the body survives a bullet. The soul will never survive American slavery, better known as privatized prisons. With 57.2% of all correctional officers across this country being white (2016), it is no surprise these oppressors fiend for a sense of supremacy over black inmates. Just like the all white juries summoned to advance their evil agenda. A justice system ran by klans members. And I mean that metaphorical however we all know there are several occasions of this being reality. Such as Hugo Black, Supreme Court – (1970s). Or this country’s so called founding fathers. Washing, Jefferson and many more are have been documented as slave owners. And we are excepted to worship these racist men? We are excepted to repeat these hate crimes? I say FUCK NO! The 1960s seen many successful revolutions and revolutionaries, yet it is time for complete rebirth of the spiritual mind. It is time to fix their mistakes. If they created these problems why the hell are they going to resolve them. They are not and will not. It is our legacy to rebuild this country with a foundation of love. Not slavery, not murder not genocide… solely love. and they will tell us… “That ain’t possible”, “You are living in a world of delusion”. How the fuck would they know if they never even tried? Proud to be a mother fucking Yippie!

– Jakob Giovanni

Published by yippiesblogspot

We demand the Full legalization of cannabis and psychedelics, the end to all foreign wars, ensure the government spend more on tools that enable access to knowledge for its people rather than weapons intended to kill its people , community control and defunding of the police, equality for all!

One thought on “Open letter to us…

  1. Long Live the YIPPIES! The future belongs to the youth, the world belongs to the youth.

    It is time to revive the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s in a new generation.

    We are on the verge of a revolution long overdue. ✊

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