Unfinished 2020 Election Analysis

“Alea acta est”, the famous words said by Caesar when he declared war on Rome itself, a conflict that resulted in the end of republican democracy in the famous country. For those who do not know, this translates from Latin to let the dice be rolled, as Caesar would have lost a title known as imperium (legal immunity) if he submitted to the senate, where he would have been undoubtedly tried and detained for corruption charges. A wise man once told me history may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme. Donald Trump, the sitting US president, has used the American version of imperium to defend himself in multiple cases including allegations of rape, and financial fraud. When he steps down his immunity ceases, where he could be facing some serious legal repercussions. Although he would personally benefit in destroying the system to retain power, many of his assets remain in states and cities run by his opposition.  There is serious doubt he would risk Trump Tower New York in this game. Nevertheless within the last week he has rejected the US election results, and redefined the leadership in the pentagon (leadership of America’s military apparatus). The conditions are present for a pro Trump coup, as he is not only the commander in chief of an inordinately large military apparatus, but he also has millions of ardent supporters who would be willing to fight to keep him in power. Joe Biden, the winner of the election. has been internationally described as weak, especially in the mobilization of his constituents, and it is unclear if he would provide any formidable militant resistance to a Trump dictatorship.  The death of American democracy may be imminent. While the policy differences between Trump and Biden are minimal, any attempt at annihilating American democracy must be taken seriously, yet it seems that the leadership of the opposition party are not as they are carelessly demonizing the segment of it’s base that can mobilize the most and referring to these events as nothing more than a temper tantrum.

By Dustin

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