Yippie Nation

The shift from 2019 to 2020 was a strong and powerful moment that many did not see coming. With the spread of a deadly virus and increasing technological advances, our generation is truly going through some of the most unique and rough experiences in our lifetimes. Yet Amerika is still a society run by plastic politicians. Politicians who do not represent us. Nor do they stand up for what we believe in. They rather watch us behind bars or tear gassed in the streets. In 1970 the people said the revolution will not be televised! The revolution will be live! Yet we have companies profiting from injustice, plastering slogans they have never stood behind in order to sell more products. We are our own politicians. We write our own laws. A political system built from love, the true pursuit of happiness and unity amongst all peoples. We must restore Indigenous culture and aid them in taking back their land. We believe that there can not be progression until your vehicle is repaired and restored. The Youth International party strongly supports reparations being provided to Black and indigenous Amerikans. However when we say this we are not referring to currency payouts but rather investments in banks, distribution, education and rebuilding neglected neighborhoods. We seek solidarity with any Black Panther Party chapters and will support them in any way asked. Legalization of marijuana will be almost essential in creating a free love society. It is not a secret that a majority of Amerika’s youth smokes weed. Yet we still face prison time for smoking this flower. No longer will we let them tell us not to consume a God given herb. We smoke together and love one another, we meditate and sit in a peaceful bliss while stoned. There is no violence when you are high. Arguably the only detrimental outcome of smoking marijuana is worrying about being caught. About going to jail for being yourself. There will be a day we smoke freely and openly. And that day comes when we group together and point our fingers at corrupt authority. This is a new decade. We must take nothing less or they will give us what they want. They will force us to live a life we do not want. One we rather die than live. That is not living, we demand we be able to wake up everyday and be alive. Feel good when we step outside our houses knowing we care and love each other. That we accept whoever and what they want to be as long as they maintain peace. We will not contribute to colonialism and imperialism. In fact we will not contribute to any ism except for orgasims. The government does not do what it needs to so we must help each other. protect ourselves, our brothers and sisters. There will be no soul left behind in our new nation. The revolutionary did not die in the 1960s, The Yippies did not die in the 1960s… We are back and providing a community and direct action. Power to the people and end the war on us.

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We demand the Full legalization of cannabis and psychedelics, the end to all foreign wars, ensure the government spend more on tools that enable access to knowledge for its people rather than weapons intended to kill its people , community control and defunding of the police, equality for all!

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