WE ARE A PEOPLE We are a new nation. We believe in life. And we want to live now.

We want to be alive 24 hours a day. Nine-to-five Amerika doesn’t even live on weekends.

Amerika is a death machine. It is run on and for money whose power

determines a society based on war, racism, sexism, and the destruction

of the planet. Our life-energy is the greatest threat to the machine.

So they’re out to stop us. They have to make us like them.

They cut our hair, ban our music festivals, put cops and narcs in the

schools, put 200,000 of us in jail for smoking flowers, induct us,

housewive us, Easy-Rider murder us. Amerika has declared war on our New Nation!

Yippie philosophy

In a world plagued by corruption and greed, it can seem impossible to feel free. This has the greatest impact on us, the youth. Suicide and depression rates sky rocketing. Black and Latin Americans murdered, raped, beaten without remorse or punishment. It is clear we are not represented accurately. We will not tolerate bullshit.

Five Point Program

We demand the Full legalization of cannabis and psychedelics, the end to all foreign wars, ensure the government spend more on tools that enable access to knowledge for its people rather than weapons intended to kill its people , community control and defunding of the police, equality for all!

Our Badge of honor


Abbie Hoffman

“If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal.”

Jerry Rubin
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