The Youth International Party was founded on December 31, 1967 by Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman. Formally known as the Yippies, we set out to ask society, why? Why do we allow ourselves to live held down? Why is there people starving the streets? Why should we allow our youth to be murdered? With the beginning of a new decade comes a new revolution. A revolution in which we take what we deserve. We represent ourselves with our own voices. A two party system has divided this country with evil and unjustified intentions. Allowing for politicians to ignore our struggles as a whole and individuals. Yippies must come together once again. The message will never die until the problems are dealt with. Until everyone is protected under due process, no bullshit reform policy will distract us from what we fight for. Cannabis needs to be legalized on a federal level. Innocent teenagers placed in the most cruel and fucked up situations over an herb. Literally spending years of their lives stuffed inside a cage. There are no reasons Cannabis; besides racism and greed – should be illegal. This new market will help give these victims of mass incarceration job opportunities. Young entrepreneurs will strive in a legal Cannabis industry. Legalizing Cannabis would improve our daily lives. We should not have to fear a government that is supposedly serving us, for us, by us.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Reading Woodstock Nation have read Revolution for the Hell of it’ Want to join YIP e on though I am Ancient !
    Things are worse now than then. KICK OUT THE JAMS


  2. Your ideology is something that has to be upheld and nurtured by the coming generations. Everyone now runs behind material goods and forget to live and when they are on their death bed they have regret which will haunt them throughout the time they have left. You people uphold humanity when people refuse to embrace that side of them. I wish someday soon I can be part of this organization and walk side by side with you people carrying this ideology around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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